About Board Insight

Terms of Business

These terms of business apply to all work (‘the Services’) undertaken by Board Insight Limited for the Client, unless other terms have been agreed between them in writing.

1. Provision of the Services
Board Insight Limited shall provide the Services to the Client as agreed in writing between them. The Client shall brief Board Insight Limited fully as to its service requirements and shall provide feedback on the Services.

2. Fees and Payment Terms
Fees for the Services will be charged at the agreed rate (plus VAT) and will be invoiced when the Services are complete or monthly in arrears for longer projects. Board Insight Limited reserves the right to charge 5% interest on amounts not paid within 30 days of the payment date shown on the invoice.
Fees for any agreed additional work outside the scope of the Services will be charged at a rate and frequency to be agreed between Board Insight Limited and the Client. If the Client fails to pay in accordance with these terms of business  Board Insight Limited shall have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately or withhold services until payment has been made.

3. Expenses
The Fees shall be exclusive of travel and any other agreed expense items incurred in the performance of the Services and receipts shall be submitted.

4. Cancellation of any part of the Services
In the event that the Client cancels any part of the Services within 10 working days of the commencement of the Services 50% of the relevant Fee shall be payable. If the cancellation is within three working days of the commencement of the Services 100% of the Fee shall be payable.

5. Confidentality
Both Board Insight Limited and the Client shall keep confidential any commercial information regarding the other party of which it becomes aware during the performance of the Services and which is not already in the public domain. Neither the Client nor Board Insight Limited shall divulge to any third party the terms on which the Services are being provided.

6. Copyright
Copyright in all written material produced for the Client by Board Insight Limited shall remain with Board Insight Limited but the Client is authorised to use the material for the purpose for which it was produced. The Client shall not disclose the material to any third party.

7. Limit of liability
Board Insight Limited shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the Client as a direct or indirect result of the provision of the Services.

8. English Law
These terms of business will be governed by and interpreted under English Law.